Excuses, excuses…

I’ve been feeling so guilty lately that I haven’t gotten another blog post written this week. I was all set to write about our trip to the Illinois Military Museum last Tuesday, but life happened, as it’s wont to do.

We’ve had a series of minor medical crises in our house, and I’ve personally been feeling under the weather. I’m sure all parents know that when you’re sick, children don’t stop needing attention. Groceries don’t magically appear, and the toys do not put themselves away. I’m so thankful that we have several adults in our family to help share the workload when we’re all feeling rather poorly.

In addition to just existing this week, school marches on. We are also doing a lot of preparations for a very busy schedule in the next couple months:

  • Amberly and Lea have a trip to Michigan and Wisconsin coming up in the next week.
  • We are working on assembling Halloween costumes before they go.
  • Their school schedule will be drastically different in November (more on that in an upcoming post, I promise).
  • We are planning for the holidays and a massive literature project the girls are working on for Christmas.
  • I have been trying to organize my time and energy to actually finish the several Christmas gift projects for the kids that I’ve been juggling.

So there you have it: my list of excuses for not getting a blog post done this week. Basically, I didn’t wanna, and you can’t make me. We have some fun times ahead, though. I’m really looking forward to sharing these with everyone. Enjoy your week!

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